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"You're always one decision away from a totally different life"


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Q & A

Virtual Decor & Design


Lifestyle Designs has launched a NEW SERVICE for homeowners just like you. Are you working on a DIY Project and have questions? Not sure if the decisions you're making are the best ones for your design project. Have a design dilemma? Then, this new service is right for you!


Send us an email with your questions along with photos of your space, measurements, sample pieces, paint selections or items you are thinking of purchasing and we'll help you make the right decisions without even stepping into your home. 

It's EASY and AFFORDABLE without the commitment of hiring a full time interior decorator. Get STARTED today by dropping us a line at


Create Change


This is the first step in your design process.  The two hour consultation is a transparent conversation about your vision, the budget and Lifestyle Designs' recommendations on achieving your design goals.  Together we will talk openly about how we can realistically make your dream a reality.  Not sure what your style is or if your dreams are feasible within the confines of your budget, these and other questions will all be addressed during the consultation.  Allow me to take your design dilemmas and bring you back to your "happy place".  

Timeline   1 - 2 weeks


This is the Design Concept for your project.  An in depth look at how your design issues will be solved.  Together we will look at how the proposed Design Concept will allocate your interior space to meet your needs and requirements.  The floor plan will not only tell us where to put furniture for maximum usage but will determine the scale of this furniture.  Images of items specifically sourced and tailored to your design plan along with interior finishes and fabric samples will be presented.  Renderings in 2D and 3D will be displayed to better help you visualize the space before it has been physically realized.  The Design Concept is your vision coming to life.  If you've changed your mind on a previous request or requirements, not to worry, I work for you and I will be happy to make any necessary changes to the design plan. 

Timeline   3 - 4 weeks


Looking for the WOW all starts with the details, Custom Details.  A mix of beautiful fabrics, textures, a sprawling sofa and custom cabinetry are just a few of the pieces that create an awe-inspiring look you can truly call your own. Custom upholstery is not only timeless and beautiful but allows us to select fabrics that meet the necessary performance requirements of your individual interior space for

years to come. 

Quality Takes Time 

Timeline   12 - 14 weeks

It takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce 

and 13 hours to build a Toyota


This is the moment you've been waiting for, when it all comes together and you realize that this is how you LIVE now.  Installation is the final step in your design process.  From furniture to artwork, each item is skillfully and decisively placed.  All the components of the design plan are now complete and your new "Happy Place" is revealed.  

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